visualization of the national history:

the podcasts,

jakarta, october 2019

One of the 52 dioramas at the National Monument. Photo: Moritz Henning

In a joint teaching and research process, the students of Grace Samboh’s workshop programme at Gudskul were asked to develop a series of podcasts, which critically examine selected dioramas by Edhi Sunarso in the National Monument. The audio guides developed by the students within the framework of Encounters, offer alternative narratives that analyse the  dioramas and integrate them into both the historical political context and the contemporary social context.

Perang Imam Bonjol, 1821-1837
The Imam Bonjol War, 1821-1837
Podcast by Gusmarian (Acong)
Language: Indonesian

Peranan Gereja Katolik Roma Dalam Proses Penyatuan Bangsa, 1930
The role of Catholic Church in Uniting the Nation, 1930
Podcast by Ratih PN Ardianti (Diti)
Language: Indonesian

Surat Perinatah 11 Maret 1966
The written order of March 11th, 1966
Podcast by Jennifer Augusta (Sol Cai)
Language: English

Digul, 1926-1927
Podcast by Duta Adipati
Language: Indonesian

RA Kartini, 1879-1904
Podcast by Laksmi Lilu Herlambang
Language: English