dipl.-ing. arsitek: german-trained indonesian architects from the 1960s

focus group discussion: towards an indonesian architecture museum

12 january 2023

On 12 January 2023, the last day of the exhibition, the Yayasan Museum Arsitektur Indonesia (YMAI) organised a panel on the subject of “Menuju Museum Arsitektur Indonesia” (Towards an Indonesian Museum of Architecture) to discuss the possible establishment of a dedicated museum of architecture in Indonesia.

YMAI sees potential collaboration and support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing. Therefore, YMAI is developing short- and long-term recommendations for all potential stakeholders to prepare steps for the establishment of an Indonesian architectural museum.

The discussion was attended by:

Mr Hilmar Farid, Director General of Culture, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research & Technology;
Ms Diana Kusumastuti, Director General of Cipta Karya, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing;
Mr Bambang Eryudhawan, Chair of Indonesian Board of Architects;
Mr Irianto Purnomo Hadi, Indonesian Young Architects;
Ms Varani Kosasih, Rumah Nusantara Foundation;
Mr Yori Antar, Rumah Nusantara Foundation;
Ms Ananda Moersid, Jakarta Arts Institute;
Mr Robin Hartanto, PhD. Candidate at GSAPP Columbia University;
Ms Nadia Purwestri, Center for Architecture Documentation.

The participants presented their personal and institutional views and concerns on the issue.

All images by Martinus Setio.