31 July 2024 to 18 August 2024

Exhibition venue

Langgeng Art Foundation
Gallery 2

Jl. Suryodningratan no. 37
Mantrijeron Yogyakarta

The Langgeng Art Foundation focuses on contemporary art in Indonesia. Its specific objective is to host a variety of activities pertaining to the creation of artworks, art presentations, and discussions around strategic aspects of the development and progress of Indonesian contemporary art practices. Langgeng Art Foundation was established in 2010 through the initiative of Deddy Irianto, founder and manager of Langgeng Gallery, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.


31 July 2024

1:00 pm WIB
Guest reception.

4:00 pm WIB
End of the formal ceremony.

Open to the public!

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Opening hours

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Free admission.

Learning from Mangunwijaya

The exhibition Learning from Mangunwijaya showcases the work results of 51 students from five countries who investigated the architectural work of Yusuf Biljarta Mangunwijaya for a workshop held from May to July 2024.

The workshop focuses on six projects that exemplify Mangunwijaya’s architectural legacy: the Church of St. Maria Assumpta in Klaten, Gadjah Mada University Library L7, Sleman, Mangunan Elementary School, Kalasan, Sleman, the Sendangsono Pilgrimage Site in Kulonprogo, the Kali Code Riverbank Settlement in Yogyakarta, and his former residence, Wisma Kuwera, also in Yogyakarta.

Mangunwijaya’s architectural approach stood in stark contrast to the fast-paced architecture of his time, a disparity even more pronounced today. Instead, he advocated for solutions rooted in locally available materials, functionality, community involvement, and the innovative adaptation of traditional models into contemporary architectural expressions. Significantly, Mangunwijaya’s architecture embodies his socially conscious approach; his architectural legacy is inseparable from his commitment to the common good. A critical analysis of his work, focusing on its potential for the future, offers valuable insights to promote more sustainable architecture, not only in Indonesia and the region but also on an international scale.

Workshop participants will examine the six projects by Mangunwijaya, identifying context-specific architectural solutions relevant to current social and environmental issues. Building upon these insights, they will further develope Mangunwijaya’s ideas to address present and future challenges.

The exhibition of student work will be enriched by a companion display exploring Mangunwijaya’s years as a student in Aachen, Germany, which were formative for his later work.