dipl.-ing. arsitek

jan beng oei and herianto sulindro in the media

Photo: Jan Beng Oei, 2022 © Steffen Oei

The project “Dipl.-Ing. Arsitek: German-trained Indonesian Architects from the 1960s” follows the paths of several protagonists, who in 1960 and 1961 completed their studies in Berlin and Hanover with a degree in architecture (Diplom-Ingenieur Architektur; in Indonesian: Dipl.-Ing. Arsitek). Most of these graduates returned to Indonesia but some of them remained in Europe, where they pursued successful architectural careers in Germany, Switzerland, or the Netherlands.

The name Jan Beng Oei is unknown outside a small circle in the professional community. This is surprising because he has been an important architect in south Germany since the sixties, building up his office with public competitions. As a Chinese emigrant from Indonesia, he succeeded in building a significant career in southern Germany, which had its beginnings in Hans Scharoun’s office in Berlin.

Two articles on the life and work of Jan Beng Oei were published in the German-language press in February. An in-depth review of his work (including numerous drawings and photos) was written by Eduard Kögel for german-architects.com. The Stuttgarter Zeitung visited Jan Beng Oei at his home and portrayed him in an extensive article. As part of the project, we have done basic research on his work and are pleased that we could contribute to making his work also available to the public. We are particularly grateful that a major local newspaper (the Stuttgarter Zeitung) dedicated an article to him – so that his impact on the region could be shared with a wider audience.

Herianto Sulindro was featured in an article by Eduard Kögel for the online-magazine German-Architects.

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