synthesis of myanmar modernity:

interview with myanmar architect u sun oo


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Architect U Sun Oo was born in 1955 and opened his first practice, Architect Sun Oo and Associates, in Yangon in 1979. Today he runs Design 2000 in Yangon and is an honorary professor at the Department of Architecture at Yangon Technological University and a visiting professor at the Faculty of Architecture at Mandalay Technological University. He is also a patron of the Association of Myanmar Architects AMA, Vice-Chairman of ICOMOS Myanmar, and a member of the Committee for Highrise and Public Buildings of the Ministry of Construction, to name but a few of his many activities.

Against the backdrop of the country’s economic and political opening, the development of a specifically Myanmar architecture is an important task for the future. He has been awarded national and international prizes for his architecture, which often makes formal reference to traditional buildings.

About the interview:
In collaboration with filmmaker Christopher Chan Nyein, a series of interviews with renowned architects and artists from Myanmar was conducted in the framework of Synthesis with Myanmar Modernity for Encounters with Southeast Asian Modernism. They all describe very different aspects of the development of modernism in Myanmar.

The interview with U Sun Oo place at 15 November 2019.