visit by the german ambassador to the

SEAM space

phnom penh

On 16 October, we had the great honour of welcoming the Ambassador of the German Embassy in Phnom Penh, Mr. Christian Berger, to the SEAM Space Phnom Penh.

Sereypagna Pen, local co-curator of Encounters with Southeast Asian Modernism in Phnom Penh, guided Mr. Berger through the exhibition Folding Concrete, which is the heart of the SEAM Space and the framework for the programme on site. The Ambassador kindly took the time to have the contribution explained to him in its entirety and to consider each work in the exhibition in detail and comment on it with expertise.

From his point of view, the exhibition offers several points of access and inspiration for those interested in the preservation and further development of the architectural heritage. He particularly liked the idea of the Architectural Lab, which enables students and other interested parties to engage with Cambodia’s modernist architectural history and present research findings online.

The very pleasant visit by Mr. Berger further strengthened the connection of those working on architectural themes and urban matters in Cambodia and Germany.