The Future of Modernity

September 2021

Full programme coming soon!

Online symposium

What concepts are being discussed in Germany today, and how do they correspond to strategies being implemented in Southeast Asia? While initial experiences and successes are being made in preserving modernist buildings in both regions, these cannot be taken for granted. It is therefore necessary to exchange views, examine successes, discuss strategies, and to determine what added value is created for society if they are preserved. For years, different networks around the world have been working to map modernist architecture, document existing buildings, and identify new possible uses through public discourse. An international comparison clearly shows that their activities are related, and that they need impulses and positive examples to inspire imitation. How can contemporary usage concepts for modernist buildings be developed, and what kinds of scenarios should they consider? What is the future of architectural modernism? What kinds of arguments – reflecting contemporary aspirations, local use, and ecological approaches – could help secure a future for these buildings?