learning from mangunwijaya<br>the life of mangunwijaya<br>online lecture<br>3 may 2024

learning from mangunwijaya
the life of mangunwijaya
online lecture
3 may 2024

Sergius Sutanto, author and filmmaker, introduced us to the life of the Indonesian priest, writer, political activist, and architect Yusuf Bilyarta Mangunwijaya.
dipl.-ing. arsitek<br>exhibition<br>video documentation

dipl.-ing. arsitek
video documentation

On 12 December 2022, the exhibition "Dipl.-Ing. Arsitek. German-trained Indonesian Architects from the 1960s" opened its doors at Taman Ismail Marzuki in Jakarta.
dipl.-ing. arsitek<br>narratives, archives, and knowledge transfer – making history accessible<br>online symposium<br>15 december 2022

dipl.-ing. arsitek
narratives, archives, and knowledge transfer – making history accessible
online symposium
15 december 2022

At the second online symposium of Dipl.-Ing. Arsitek, speakers from Indonesia and Germany discussed how to make history accessible.
dipl.-ing. arsitek<br>new forms of design, construction and material cultures<br>online symposium<br>1 december 2022

dipl.-ing. arsitek
new forms of design, construction and material cultures
online symposium
1 december 2022

At the first online symposium of Dipl.-Ing. Arsitek, we discussed which design strategies we need for a more sustainable future.
contested modernities<br>the decolonization of education<br>online symposium<br>12 november 2021

contested modernities
the decolonization of education
online symposium
12 november 2021

Our fourth online symposium discussed what formats are needed to facilitate new and critical perspectives in education – in Southeast Asia and beyond.
contested modernities<br>house without walls<br>oswald nagler in rangoon

contested modernities
house without walls
oswald nagler in rangoon

The American architect Oswald Nagler came to Myanmar (then Burma) in 1957. The house he designed for himself in Rangoon can still serve as a model for responsible architecture.
contested modernities<br>the future of modernity<br>online symposium<br>17 september 2021

contested modernities
the future of modernity
online symposium
17 september 2021

Our third online symposium focused on conservation strategies being discussed in Germany and Southeast Asia.
contested modernities<br>exhibition opening<br>video documentation

contested modernities
exhibition opening
video documentation

On 10 September 2021, the exhibition Contested Modernities. Postcolonial Architecture in Southeast Asia opened its doors at Haus der Statistik in Berlin.